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The Brackenridge Heights is a stunning wedding site in Pittsburg. Brackenridge can support a wedding celebration that takes place indoors as well as outdoors. You can have a ceremony outside under the ground gazebo. When decorated with floral décor this becomes a romantic outdoor option. An outdoor reception under a tent is a beautiful site for a celebration in the sunshine. Inside the Brackenridge is filled with luxurious facilities. The ballroom has a neutral pallet, large windows overlooking the grounds, chandeliers, and fabulous food. With custom décor, your reception will be a vision of elegance that encourages an exciting celebration. The Brackenridge will work with you to arrange a wedding day that suits your vision. The manicured grounds and flexible interior provide many options for your special day. As you dine and dance into the evening you will be filled with the bliss of a wedding that is stress-free and divine from start to finish.

Rustic Elegance

Brackenridge Heights Golf Course

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